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This is mainly for catalogue dress materials which are semi stitched. all will come 100% original .

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Top Dressmaker in the local area

At MANIDHARI fashion you’ll find a team of creative, seasoned dressmakers in the local area with years of experience under our belts. We specialise in making dresses for occasions like weddings, birthday parties, picnics, funeral services... in fact, we can cover pretty much any occasion imaginable. Our bespoke designs are expressions that convey your messages to the world. We can also incorporate some of your own ideas and preferences, if that’s more to your liking. Let’s make your fantasy a reality. You can contact us for more details.

Equipped with the right tools

Since the invention of the needle, the ancient practice of dressmaking has evolved over the years – both technologically and artistically – and so have dressmakers. Thanks to technology, these days, there are machines that perform all kinds of dressmaking miracles. Dressmaking has even progressed to the point of leveraging computer-aided designs (CADs) which make for efficiency, ease, and increased creativity. We are equipped with the appropriate technological tools to guarantee customer satisfaction. With the help of technology, dressmaking isn’t only fun for us but is also exciting for our customers.

Artful, tailored dresses

Many people think only of using a dressmaker for very special occasions. But we can also help make your day-to-day wardrobe last longer and look better, without breaking the bank. Whether your body size has changed and those trousers don’t fit right anymore, you found the perfect skirt that is just a bit too long, or your favourite shirt has got a hole in it, by choosing a skilled dressmaker for alterations, you can make your clothes last longer.


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